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About Us
Apartsman group, an internationally group established by former executives of renowned scrapped vehicle dismantling enterprise and former executives of Alibaba Group. Apartsman group takes the lead in developing and spreading high tech dismantling ways, and providing advanced dismantling data services for global enterprises. Apartsman has developed several electronic business platforms that including mobile terminal and web terminal, offers used car parts for dismantling companies. Apartsman group headquarter located in Beijing, China; and set up logistics center, branch office in Guangzhou, America, Japan and Malaysia. Developed several years from its establishment, Apartsman had attracted famous enterprises executives joined. Group has hundreds of employees for now, including more than thirty foreign staffs from America, Japan and Malaysia.
Social Responsibility:

a.We aim to build a global platform which sell used car parts to world. Apartsman leaders committed to popularize used car parts service policy and establish remanufacturing parts standard. Apartsman guide people recognize used car parts’ safety and benefits. People do not know that new parts process product pollution because of resources using.

b.Apartsman popularize advanced auto dismantling technology, which will change the Chinese backward product ways. And apartsman contribute to Chinese environment production.

Business Philosophy:

a.Apartsman help customers to look for the biggest value of used parts and scrap materials through apartman’s data, information and logistics service. The customers of apartsman including sellers and buyers of 60 countries in the world.

b.Apartsman provide produce and logistics management system for dismantling enterprises to reduce cost.


a.Apartsman group independent researched and developed “apartsman” mobile application and “” electronic business platform. Apartsman provides one-stop service online and logistics service offline for used parts dealers, repair shops, remanufacturers, smelting plants and other enterprises.

b.Apartsman group independent researched and developed “A Recycle Man”, which is a standardized automobile recycling platform with social Medias, cooperated websites as entrance. This service offer efficient and convenient scrapped car recovers ways for personal car owners.

c.Apartsman group independent researched and developed dismantling industry 4.0 data system with function of providing car parts details and price, and kinds of scrap materials details and price and logistics information.

d.Apartsman is not only establishing Chinese enterprises’ ERP system, but also starting tracking sources available system about dismantling parts.

e.Apartsman has exclusive logistics service platform serve for dismantling companies and in important place creates logistics center.

f.Apartsman providing safe and environment-friendly dismantling crafts for China car parts enterprises.

Dismantling used cars, selling used parts and remanufacturing are mature industries in developed countries such as America and Japan, but them are newborn in China. Apartsman as the pioneer and server of car dismantling intelligent age, attempts to combine powerful research and develop ability with advanced dismantling crafts. With “Customer first”, “Environment first” service philosophy, apartsman group will become the biggest comprehensive server of scrapped car dismantling industry in the world.